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COLOR SUDOKU and NAKED SUDOKU each contain 180 colorful, hand-designed Sudoku variation puzzles with additional rules that will challenge you to rethink your old Sudoku strategies and devise new ones.

Both are published by Sterling Publishing and available now online and in stores, including at:

Watch our How to Play Sudoku video at MonkeySee.com. You can play along by printing the Sudoku puzzle that we use in the video.

Coming Soon: Our next book - as yet untitled - will be available late 2010.

Free example puzzles and solving tips for all twenty-four types of Sudoku variations in our COLOR SUDOKU book: Need an even bigger challenge? Try your hand at even crazier Sudoku variations in our five-page Brainfreeze Puzzle Pack! Includes color variations as well as Clock Sudoku, Double Pentominoku, Sudokube, Samurai X, Three-Relay, and Hexagoku. Find out more about Brainfreeze Puzzles and Sudoku in the links below: We provide puzzles to a number of publications and organizations: Want to contact us or join our email list? Email filora@brainfreezepuzzles.com.