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Pi Day 2015

What is Pi Day?

Pi Day is a celebration of the number π that occurs every March 14 (3.14...). Math geeks all over the world celebrate their math-geekiness on this day with pie-eating contests, recitations of the digits of pi, and occasionally fundraisers where math faculty get hit in the face with pies. At Brainfreeze Puzzles we celebrate Pi Day - how else? - with a Sudoku puzzle.

Free Pi Day Sudoku puzzle

Our Pi Day Sudoku puzzle is free to use, publish, and distribute. You can download the printable PDF version with rules and use it however you see fit.

Fill in the grid so that 1-9 appear exactly once in each row, column, and block. In addition, each shaded rectangle must contain exactly the digits in 3.1415926. Note that this puzzle only has 16 clues, which is insufficient for a regular sudoku puzzle to have a unique solution. (For more details, try No Frills Sudoku.)

2015 Pi Day Sudoku Contest

Want more puzzles like this one? Submit your solution to the 2015 Pi Day Sudoku puzzle for a chance to win a copy of our latest book, Double Trouble Sudoku. One entry will be picked at random from all correct entries received by March 14, 2015 9:26 PM. To submit your solution go to:

The Pi Day 2015 Submission Form

But wait, there's more!

This year we celebrate SUPER PI DAY, because the date will be 3/14/15 (3.1415...). The official Pi Instant will be at 3/14/15 9:26:53.58 AM. In your own time zone, of course! So if you're given this puzzle at that instant, you'll have 12 hours to submit the answer.

My Brain is Not Sufficiently Frozen!

Was this year's puzzle not enough for you? Too easy? More brainfreezy action is available in our other books at Amazon or wherever you like to get books.

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