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Puzzles we like
  • Nikoli, home of the best Japanese pencil puzzles, such as Masyu, Fillomino, and Yajilin.

  • Logic Games Online, who publishes the excellent Japanese pencil puzzle Nurikabe, as well as Sudoku and other puzzles.

  • janko.at, a stunning array of online puzzles, including many of our favorite Japanese pencil puzzles.

  • Sudoku Odyssey: Suki and the Beasts, a beautiful journey through Sudoku puzzle mazes.

  • Sudoku Games Collection, a large online collection of Sudoku puzzles and variants.

  • Sudoku Evolution, with some of the most creative geometric variations of Sudoku we've seen.

  • Math Games: Sudoku Variations by Ed Pegg, an excellent article full of Sudoku variations found in Japanese puzzle magazines.

Sudoku research and articles

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